Twin Cities Medical Society

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Why do we advocate?

The Twin Cities Medical Society represents nearly 6,000 physicians, medical students and residents and fellows. The Board of Directors of TCMS has listed advocacy as one of its top priorities for the coming years.

Our focus is on public policy advocacy at the local and state levels. We have formed relationships with our key legislators and other elected officials and work on behalf of our members to affect change. We work to enhance the impact that the Minnesota Medical Association has at the Legislature by working collaboratively, yet with a metro-specific voice. We serve as the health care leader on local policy issues working closely with city council members and county commissioners.


What do we advocate for?

Our policy committee is currently working on developing “principles” that will then guide the Twin Cities Medical Society advocacy efforts.


How do we advocate?

TCMS has a member driven Policy Committee which is represented by physicians from across the seven country metro area.

TCMS engages physicians in grassroots activities including fundraisers and meet and greets with local legislators. We also advocate at the national level attending national advocacy conferences which supply us with access to our national elected leaders.

Staff of TCMS monitor and inform our membership about issues that are working their way through the Legislature or at the local level.


What do our members say?

Advocacy was rated #1 in terms of the strategic area of focus for Twin Cities Medical Society in a survey conducted in early 2010.

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