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West Metro Medical Foundation Awards
Hoban Scholarship
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The Thomas W. and Mary Kay Hoban Scholarship was established by the West Metro Medical Foundation (formerly the Hennepin Medical Foundation) in honor and recognition of the extensive and exemplary services of the 25-year Chief Executive Officer of the Hennepin Medical Society, Thomas W. Hoban, and his wife, Mary Kay. The medical society is a voluntary, non-profit organization that has represented and served physicians in the West Metro Area since 1855.

The last Hoban Scholarship dollars were distributed in November 2009.

The final Hoban Scholarship Educational Event will be held on Wednesday, May 12 at the Edina Country Club. Start time is approximately 3:30 PM and will be confirmed at a later date.

If you are a former scholar, please contact Kathy Dittmer at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it as we would like for you to attend. Please include your phone number, email, and mailing address.

If you are not able to attend, please send a paragraph describing what you have been doing since you received your scholarship. It will be included in the materials for this event.

Invitations will be sent in mid-April.

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Charles Bolles Bolles Rogers Award
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The late Mr. Charles Bolles Bolles-Rogers established this award, originally called the St. Barnabas Bowl, in 1951. Mr. Bolles-Rogers served on the St. Barnabas Hospital Board of Trustees and was President of that Board for many years.

Mr. Bolles-Rogers died in 1975 at the age of 91 but prior to his death, he made provision for this award to be funded in perpetuity. The award is an engraved sterling silver Revere Bowl.

The Chiefs of Staff of the west metro area hospitals make nominations for the Charles Bolles Bolles-Rogers Award annually. The West Metro Medical Society Board of Directors has the honor of selecting the recipient.

The award is to be given to a physician who, in the opinion of the members of the selection committee, by reason of his/her professional contribution on the basis of medical research, achievement or leadership, has become the outstanding physician of this and other years.

The award is presented to the recipient by the Officers of the West Metro Medical Society at a medical staff meeting at the recipient’s hospital or other appropriate forum.


2009 Charles L. Murray, M.D.
2008 John H. Kersey, M.D.
2007 John A. Reichert, M.D.
2006 Warren J. Warwick, M.D.
2005 Burton S. Schwartz, M.D.
2004 Gordon Aamoth, M.D.
2003 Ernest Ruiz, M.D.
2002 James D. Lehmann, M.D.
2001 Edward A.L. Spenny, M.D.
2000 William Gamble, M.D.
1999 Alfred F. Michael, M.D.
1998 A. Stuart Hanson, M.D.
1997 Cassius M.C. Ellis, M.D.
1996 B.J. Kennedy, M.D.
1995 Paul Bowlin, M.D.
1994 William J. Carr, M.D.
1993 Hugh D. Westgate, M.D.
1992 Alvin L. Schultz, M.D.
1991 James C. Mankey, M.D.
1990 M. Elizabeth Craig, M.D.
1989 Richard B. Raile, M.D.
1988 O.L. Norman Nelson, M.D.
1987 Donald F. Gleason, M.D. and Claude R. Hitchcock, M.D.
1986 Paul S. Blake, M.D.
1985 Stuart Lane Arey, M.D.
1984 Frank E. Johnson, M.D.
1983 Malcolm A. McCannel, M.D.
1982 Howard L. Horns, M.D.
1981 John I. Coe, M.D.
1980 John H. Moe, M.D.
1979 Robert E. Priest, M.D.
1978 Arnold S. Anderson, M.D.
1977 Reuben Berman, M.D.
1976 Tague C. Chisholm, M.D. and Lyle French M.D.
1975 Ragnvald S. Ylvisaker, M.D.
1974 Cecil J. Watson, M.D.
1973 John W. Johnson, M.D.
1972 C.D. Creevy, M.D.
1971 Lawrence F. Richdorf, M.D.
1970 Herman E. Drill, M.D.
1969 Stanley R. Maxeiner, M.D.
1968 Carol O. Rice, M.D.
1967 Leonard A. Lang, M.D.
1966 Orwood J. Campbell, M.D.
1965 Thomas Lowry, M.D.
1964 Thomas J. Kinsella, M.D.
1963 Arthur A. Zierold, M.D.
1962 No award given
1961 Moses Barron, M.D.
1960 No award given
1959 No award given
1958 Ralph T. Knight, M.D.
1957 George E. Fahr, M.D.
1956 Silas C. Anderson, M.D.
1955 Thomas A. Peppard, M.D.
1954 Edgar J. Huenekens, M.D.
1953 Henry L. Ulrich, M.D.
1952 S. Marx White, M.D.


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The Shotwell Award
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Upon the closing of Metropolitan-Mount Sinai Medical Center in 1991, the West Metro Medical Society (formerly Hennepin Medical Society) requested and received approval from Metropolitan-Mount Sinai Medical Center to assume responsibility for selecting the recipient of The Shotwell Award. In 2007, WMMS reveals the inception of Asclepius and Hygieia--the new bronze sculpture created by Nicholas Legeros of Minneapolis, MN.


View more information about Asclepius and Hygieia

The Shotwell Award was established by Metropolitan Medical Center in 1971 in recognition of the support and dedication of the Shotwell Family. The late Mr. and Mrs. James D. Shotwell established the Louise Shotwell Smith Leukemia Fund for research and the Louise Shotwell Smith and Grace R. Shotwell Nursing Scholarship Funds, of Metropolitan Medical Center. Their gifts to the hospital amounted to more than $670,000.

Wording on a plaque in the hospital lobby read:

The Shotwell Award, established in honor of Mr. and Mrs. James D. Shotwell for their contributions to the hospital, is presented yearly for a noteworthy effort in the field of health care.


  1. Dedicated service to mankind;
  2. Significant break-through in some form of research or, significant contribution to the field of medicine; and
  3. Innovations and/or improvements in health care delivery, including health care physicians.


  • 2008 - ROBERT A. VAN TASSEL, M.D., Founder, Minneapolis Heart Institute.
  • 2007 - A. Stuart Hanson, M.D., Park Nicollet Physician who took the lead over several decades on the tobacco issue and abuse in the medical workplace among other public health issues.
  • 2006 - MARY ANN BLADE, CEO, Minnesota Visiting Nurse Agency. MVNA provides an enormous amount of public health nursing care to our community. Revenue generated from annual flu shots provides health care services to the indigent population.
  • 2005 - RONALD E. CRANFORD, M.D., contributed to the field of clinical ethics/neuroethics since 1970s and participated in commissions, task forces, and publications on issues including defining death, persistent vegetative state, and ethical issues regarding the terminally ill.
  • 2004 - ALFRED F. MICHAEL, M.D., Dean of the U of M Medical School, leader, administrator, researcher, and clinician. He has made a career of making contributions to the medical school and is noted as having made a tremendous impact on medicine. He was involved in the first ever-external renal biopsy in a child. His biggest accomplishment is in turning around the medical school with defined areas of focus and faculty recruitment.
  • 2003 - WILLIAM E. JACOTT, M.D., Head, Department of Family Practice, U of M Medical School; AMA Commissioner and Board Chair, JCAHO; Trustee, American Medical Association; and Family Physician, Duluth, Minnesota.
  • 2002 - MICHAEL T. OSTERHOLM, PH.D., Visionary efforts of educating the public and health care community on the threat of Bioterrorism and preeminence in field of epidemiology.
  • 2001 - PAUL G. QUIE, M.D., Pediatric Infectious Diseases
    GORDON SPRENGER, President & CEO, Allina Health System
  • 2000 - DONNELL D. ETZWILER, M.D., International Diabetes Center at Park Nicollet Clinic
  • 1999 - WINSTON R. WALLIN, University of Minnesota Academic Health Center
  • 1998 - THOMAS SWAIN, Chair, Minnesota Health Care Commission
  • 1997 - CARL PLATOU, Created the model for hospital systems; established the St. Thomas University MBA Program for physicians and clinic managers.
  • 1996 - WILLIAM E. PETERSEN, M.D., First Vice President for Medical Affairs, Abbott-Northwestern Hospital.
  • 1995 - SISTER MARY MADONNA ASHTON, President and Chief Executive Officer, Carondelet LifeCare Ministries
  • 1994 - THOMAS W. HOBAN, Chief Executive Officer/Executive Vice President, Hennepin Medical Society
  • 1993 - ARNOLD S. ANDERSON, M.D., Founder, St. Louis Park Medical Center, and Founder, Minneapolis Children’s Medical Center
  • 1991 - ALVIN L. SCHULTZ, M.D., Sr. Vice President, Medical Affairs, HealthOne Corporation Chief of Medicine, Hennepin County Medical Center
  • 1990 - STANLEY COWLE
  • 1989 - M. ELIZABETH CRAIG, M.D.
  • 1988 - JAY PHILLIPS
  • 1987 - PAUL BLAKE, M.D.
  • 1986 - MAURICE MCKAY
  • 1985 - NEAL L. GAULT, JR., M.D.
  • 1984 - ROBERT O. QUELLO, M.D.
  • 1981 - LYLE A. FRENCH, M.D.
  • 1980 - ROBERT T. KELLY, M.D.
  • 1979 - MARVIN BORMAN, President, West Metro Trustee Council
  • 1978 - RICHARD FREY, M.D.
  • 1977 - RICHARD E. YADEAU, M.D.
  • 1976 - O. L. NORMAN NELSON, M.D.
  • 1974 - GERRY MORSE, President of Council of Community Hospitals; member of Blue Cross Board of Directors; Chairman of Twin City Health Care Development Project; State Board of Human Rights
  • 1973 - RICHARD ANONSEN, M.D., President, Foundation for Health Care Evaluation
  • 1972 - THOMAS P. COOK, Executive Secretary, Hennepin County Medical Society
  • 1971 - ROBERT NEFF BARR, M.D., Secretary and Executive Officer of the Minnesota Department of Health
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First a Physician Award
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Sculpture-WebThe West Metro Medical Society established, in 2007, the "First a Physician" Award to recognize a member of the West Metro Medical Society who selflessly gives of his/her time and energy to improve the health of their patients, has made a positive impact on Organized Medicine and the medical community's ability to practice quality medicine, and/or has been instrumental in improving the lives of others in our community.

Through the dedicated and untiring service to the profession of medicine, the candidate has not been previously recognized either via award or leadership position. This unsung hero has made an outstanding contribution to community service; worked on public policy issues; played a signficant role in the goals and activities of the West Metro Medical Society; or other noteworthy (local) volunteer medical service.

Who Can Make A Nomination

Only members of the West Metro Medical Society are eligible to receive the First a Physician Award.

Who Will Select The Recipient

The West Metro Medical Society Board of Directors, or other physicians, may nominate candidates for the award. The Executive Committee shall annually review the slate of nominees and select the recipient of the award.

Noteworthy contributions in the following areas will be considered:

  • Effective leadership
  • Involvement in improving the public health; or
  • Policy and/or legislative advocacy resulting in a positive impact on the practice of medicine or a healthier community.


2008 Carl E. Burkland, M.D.
2007 Lee H. Beecher, M.D.

View the First a Physician brochure.

Download the nomination form here.

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